Our Mission

R3vel Sports and Entertainment will be opening as a full-service sports agency which will make its debut in the 2022 NFL Draft. Our mission is to increase black representation of athletes and entertainers as well as help provide valuable solutions for minorities in the ever-changing world of sports and entertainment. R3V mission is to help our clients succeed in their career and personal endeavors by addressing all aspects of our client’s career. R3V will provide quality representation for our clients in areas such as: Pro-Contracts & Endorsement negotiations, NIL Representation, Resources to legal and financial advisement, player development & pre-draft planning, and a network of trainers that have developed top NFL talent.


Our Vision

Our vision is to become one of the top sports and entertainment agencies around the world, while providing our clients with the ability succeed not just in their athletic career but their personal endeavors. We would like to provide our clients with the tools to position themselves to build wealth well beyond their playing careers. We will complete this vision by providing clients with innovative marketing ideas, strategic economic forecasting, financial planning, and providing a true family atmosphere with our clients.

The Leadership Team

Jeffery Revel
Rakeem Vick
PJ Miller

R3vel & Vick Sports and Entertainment was founded by President Jeffrey Revel, who was born and raised in Prince Georges County, Maryland. Growing up in the PG area in the late 90s and early 2000s, Boys and Girls Club Sports had a major impact on the youth in the community. Jeffrey's views and career path in sports was shaped by his experience playing sports with his cousin and best friend, Lamar Anton Scott. They did everything together, from playing sports to video games and even deciding which college they would go to at only eight years old. Their goal was to go to North Carolina University and play Quarterback and Receiver. In 1999, seven days before Christmas, Lamar lost his battle with Leukemia. After his cousin's death, he lost his passion for playing sports but never lost the love for the game.

Jeffrey promised Lamar that he would continue their journey to make it to the professional league. While contemplating how to fulfill his promise to Lamar, he learned of super agent, Eugene Parker; who inspired him to become a sports agent. Parker epitomized the importance of black representation in the sports industry and the need for black role models that can inspire our youth to be more than just an athlete.  After earning his BS in Accounting and MBA from Delaware State University, he became aware of the lack of athletes and entertainers with black representation. He noticed as young black men, we were taught that our only path in sports was to just be the athlete. For example, 60% of athletes in the NFL are black and less than 10% have black representation; his mission is to change that.

After reaching out to his childhood friends Rakeem Vick (Vice President) and PJ Miller (Director of Marketing), they believed in his vision and together decided to create a full service sports agency that will open prior to the 2022 NFL Draft.

Jeffrey Revel was born and raised in Prince Georges County, MD. Since the age of 13, Jeffrey has known where his career path was headed and that was becoming a sports agent. After learning about super agent Eugene Parker, he fell in love with the idea of not just being an athlete but wanting to do more to assist athletes behind the scenes.

Jeffrey then went on to attend one of the top HBCUs in the country, Delaware State University where he received his Bachelors of Science degree in Accounting and his MBA in 2018. Jeffrey has developed an incredible reputation in the professional world through his dedication and high level of integrity, as well as the results he gets for his clients. With over 10 years of experience working within sports and recreation, and over 4 years experience working for an NCAA Division I Athletics program where he assisted with compliance, endorsement contracts, marketing, and game day operations.

In 2018, Jeffrey also began his own tax practice. In 2020, Jeffrey Revel agreed to start a full service sports agency with childhood friends Rakeem Vick and Paul Miller.

Rakeem Vick was born in Fredericksburg Va. and raised in Prince Georges County MD. Growing up Rakeem was an exceptional athlete who had the opportunity to play basketball at Friendly high school where he played beside professional athletes such as Joe Haden, Sam Young, and Chris Howard in which they have won multiple championships in basketball and football. Rakeem's talent in the classroom and on the field has landed him a full athletic scholarship to one of the top HBCU's in the country North Carolina Central University where he received his bachelor's degree in Mass communication. During the 2nd game of his senior season Rakeem suffered a career ending injury that left him paralyzed. Rakeem suffered a bruised spinal cord, but was able to make a full recovery and had him rethink what was his purpose in life and sports moving forward.

After graduating Rakeem focused on his coaching career as he worked as a Graduate Assistant with the football team at North Carolina Central University in which he sharpened his skills on how to maximize a players potential on the field. After leaving sports, Rakeem used his communications degree and quickly grasped the corporate world by joining the management training program with Enterprise Rent a Car. Rakeem would go on to have a powerful 6 years working with Enterprise climbing the ladder all the way to marketing account manager. With his tactic sales techniques and his personable customer service, Rakeem took a position with SASR Workforce solutions as a Recruitment Marketing Manager to help connect great people to great work.

In 2020 Rakeem partnered up with childhood friends Jeffrey Revel and Paul Miller to create R3vel and Vick Sports and Entertainment (R3V) a full service sports agency that focuses on representing athletes both on and off the field while creating a brand that will last a lifetime.


Paul Miller was born and raised in Prince Georges County, MD. Paul attended New Jersey Institute of Technology and recieved a bachelor’s degree in Business with a minor in Marketing. He also was a 4-year collegiate athlete. Paul attended the Potomac School for two years, also winning a Virginia Independent State Championship.

Today Paul an entrepreneur and digital professional. He’s a digital professional with 7+ years’ experience in Ad Tech/Digital Strategy. With a knack for creative thinking and innovation he has used these skills to found multiple businesses over the years. With the early success of his clothing business The Tenth Clothing which launched in May 2019, Paul started Wash&Fold Printing. A printing business specializing in screen printing, Direct-to-Garment, embroidery, sew and stitch, as well as brand consulting.

In 2020, Paul leveraged his current business ventures and knowledge to start a full service sports agency with childhood friends Jeffrey Revel and Rakeem Vick.

Introducing Our Team

R3V is comprised of leaders in all endeavors they face, we built a team rooted in the culture with the passion and desire to build something of our own. With focus primarily on building generational wealth for our community. For three years, R3V has been working behind the scenes to build a foundation that will not make us one year agents but a sustainable plan that looks to build a roster of talented agents for years to come. We have team members from operations, to recruiting already in place and prepared to assist with providing our future clients a full team focused on their success.