Our Story


R3vel & Vick Sports and Entertainment was founded by  Jeffrey Revel, who was born and raised in Prince Georges County, Maryland. Growing up in the PG area in the late 90s and early 2000s, Boys and Girls Club Sports had a major impact on the youth in the community. Jeffrey's views and career path in sports was shaped by his experience playing sports with his cousin and best friend, Lamar Anton Scott. They did everything together, from playing sports to video games and even deciding which college they would go to at only eight years old. Their goal was to go to North Carolina University and play Quarterback and Receiver. In 1999, seven days before Christmas, Lamar lost his battle with Leukemia. After his cousin's death, he lost his passion for playing sports but never lost the love for the game.

Jeffrey promised Lamar that he would continue their journey to make it to the professional league. While contemplating how to fulfill his promise to Lamar, he learned of super agent, Eugene Parker; who inspired him to become a sports agent. Parker epitomized the importance of black representation in the sports industry and the need for black role models that can inspire our youth to be more than just an athlete.  After earning his BS in Accounting and MBA from Delaware State University, he became aware of the lack of athletes and entertainers with black representation. He noticed as young black men, we were taught that our only path in sports was to just be the athlete. For example, 60% of athletes in the NFL are black and less than 10% have black representation; his mission is to change that.

After reaching out to his childhood friends Rakeem Vick (President of NIL) and PJ Miller (President of Business Services), they believed in his vision and together decided to create a full service sports agency that will open prior to the 2023 NFL Draft.